Air freight to Libya : FREIGHT FORWARDER libya .

freight forwarder libya - AIR FREIGHT TO LIBYA - agence martime mohab

« Are you looking to get your goods to Libya by air freightMOHAB is your Tunisian freight forwarder gateway to Libya and all Libyan airports can be reached such as Misurata, Tripoli, Benghazi etc… »

Freight forwarder Libya:


Agence Maritime Mohab have successefully organized a full plane charter with its principals BURAK Airlines from Tunisia to Libya.

Being an accredited freight forwarder in Tunisia and having its IATA license, MOHAB have been more than 40 years a great partner for local and international customers and agents.

Air freight is one of the major departments within MOHAB and the company is always looking for new opportunities to develop this field and gain new partners trust to grow up the freight business for Tunisian exporters.